Petrosynergy has operations in four major onshore sedimentary basins:

We have 17 petroleum and gas field concessions, of which 10 are in production and 4 are awaiting evaluation and authorization in order to begin production, and 3 fields in abandonment and return process.


The unit located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte includes the following fields:

  • Araçari
  • Irerê
  • Pitiguari

all discovered as a result of the exploration campaign run in the Potiguar Basin.

The unit’s current production is about 61 barrels per day.

Currently, there is an ongoing project to drill development wells with the objective of increasing the unit?s oil production.

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Location: Municipality of Serra do Mel, 35 km from the city of Mossoró. Southwestern part of Block POT-T-352.

Discovered: January 2006 through perforation of 1-PSY-4-RN well, producing 38°API petroleum.

Statement of Commercial Viability: January/2009. Oil producing field.

Start of production: February/2009.

Production: 50 barrels of oil per day through its wells, 1-PSY-4-RN and 7-ARA-1-RN.

Projects: Drilling of one development well: 7-ARA-2-RN, to increase the field’s production to 100 barrels per day.


Location: Municipality of Areia Branca, 50 Km from Mossoro. Northern region of Block BT-POT-3.

Discovered: May/2005 through well 12-MPE-8-RN, bearing 27.4° API oil.

Statement of Commercial Viability: November/2008. Oil producing Field.

Start of production: December/2009

Production: 11 barrels of oil per day through its single well, 1-MPE-8-RN.

Projects: The drilling of a development well is foreseen, 7-IRE-1-RN, with the aim of increasing production to 40 barrels a day.


Location: Municilpality of Macau, 90 km from Mossoró. Northeastern region of Block BT-POT-5.

Discovered: October 2004 through drilling the 1-MPE-7-RN well, bearing 32.7°API oil and non-associated gas. The extension well 3-PSY-2-RN confirmed the gas production interval of the non-associated gas.

Statement of Commercial Viability: March/2008. Petroleum and natural gas producing field.

Start of production: August/2011.

Production: 10 barrels of oil per day by the 1-MPE-7-RN well. Today the well is completed for natural gas production.

Projects: Start of natural gas production is foreseen by the 3-PSY-2-RN well, to be sold through "virtual pipeline" (truck transport) with a potential of producing 15,000 cubic meters per day.

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