Corporate Strategy

To create investment opportunities which will appeal to the stock market and to private capitalists who are looking for good value in the fossil fuels sector and are attracted by our companies and the profitability of projects managed by a team of competent professionals with great experience in developing mature fields.


To efficiently explore and produce hydrocarbons, maximizing profitability in a sustainable way, working as a team, by looking after the health and safety of people and respecting the environment.


To be one of the principal independent E & P companies in Latin America, recognized for its excellence in conducting its operations.


  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • High-performance
  • Integrity
  • Partnership
  • Diversity / Multicultural
  • Protecting People and the Environment

Quality, Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Policy

Petrosynergy, in accordance with its stated MISSION to produce fossil fuels by practicing teamwork with the aim of generation sustainable wealth, considers the maintenance of quality, environmental, health and safety standards a prerequisite for the development of its business activities, and assumes the responsibility of:

  • To accomplish its goals and objectives on the basis of the continuous improvement of its methods and so achieve its VISION of being an industry touchstone know for its profitability, flexibility and creativity.

  • Obey all laws, contractual duties and obligations by respecting the institutional VALUES of reliability, responsibleness and integrity.

  • Avoid environmental pollution in its operations, using accepted technologies and procedures and prizing social awareness.

  • Evaluate and control the risk factors involved in its projects and show concern for the health of its collaborators, looking on them as central to its strategy.
  • Promote good internal and external communications.

It's a central responsibility of the company's executives to guarantee that this policy is understood, implemented, maintained and revised periodically at all levels of the organization.

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