Social Responsibility

Social development by means of activities aimed at improving conditions for health, education, recreation and environmental conservation are a Petrosynergy commitment.

The company is constantly partnering with social support organizations, neighborhood associations and schools in the areas covered by its operations, contributing by means of infrastructure improvements and the promotion of commemorative events.

In accordance with its Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policies, Petrosynergy carries out its Social Responsibility Plan by implementing projects for social development in the states where it operates.

The Environment, Health and Safety.

Petrosynergy maintains a commitment to issues related to Safety, Health, the Environment and Quality, which can be seen in the principles defined in its SHE&Q Policy, as well as in the way Petrosynergy has managed its projects development.

Any and all activities, before being implemented, are analyzed in order to identify the main aspects related to those intended actions, as well as to any potential dangers and risks to the health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and neighboring communities. The objective is to preventively eliminate and/or minimize any potentially harmful impacts.

With that in mind, the Organization has established a system of rules, based on its guidelines and aligned with any applicable legislation, contractual requirements and regulatory standards, which have been adopted as its management methodology. Environmental and safety studies are used as planning tools. Based on these premises, specific programs are proposed for each unit, segment and/or location.

Risks related to the environment, health and safety, as well as any possible impacts or harmful effects associated with our activities, products and services are identified and managed through specific control programs established in the Integrated Management guidelines for Health, Safety, the Environment and Quality. By means of continuing training programs, Petrosynergy keeps its employees well prepared to control potential impacts and risks related to its activities, as well as promoting higher professional standards among its personnel.

The company stands out for its ability to operate facilities for petroleum and natural gas in many different types of environment, including coastal areas, rain forests, rural areas and even urban areas such as the Tabuleiro dos Martins Field, which stands in a highly urbanized district of the city of Maceio.

Petrosynergy, by prioritizing responsibility in all its actions, believes that this gives it an advantage in the marketplace and is a positive competitive factor. To achieve this, it works hard to improve the quality of its products and services; to reduced its use of supplies and natural resources; to prevent pollution, accidents and occupational diseases and to carry out proper waste management, all seen as key factors for optimizing costs and company performance.

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